Halloween celebration and dreams related to this event

Trick or treat! It’s that time of the year again where you see children wearing spooky costumes trick-or-treating and establishments in their various Halloween-themed decorations. Halloween is a holiday rooted in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain and was traditionally celebrated to ward off evil spirits.

Today, this occasion has gotten more commercialized. People spend tons of money on costumes, candies, and decorations each year. Some even hold grand Halloween parties. Although this is a big celebration in the United States and other North American and European countries, some countries do not practice this due to religious and cultural reasons. However, they still observe a holiday that honors their departed loved ones. People would go to cemeteries or make an altar and offer food to the deceased. Although not practically the same, both share a common theme of honoring the dead.

It is normal to associate this holiday with spirits and otherworldly creatures. Many people dress as vampires or zombies on this day. Some may even be putting realistic makeup just to achieve the scary look they want. In turn, others have nightmares involving these creatures. For instance, one could dream of being chased by a vampire, which suggests the fear of a new person in your life. There might be one particular person you want to avoid in waking life, and that could have manifested in your dream. Likewise, being chased by zombies in your dream represents a serious illness you could get. These dreams should serve as warnings that we should not overlook.

Tales of witches and ghosts, as well as dreams about dead people, also fascinate many – even skeptics – during this time. Many people assume that these dreams signify a bad omen. Whatever the interpretation is, it is important to note that this is the best time to remember people who used to be with us.

Being so absorbed in the theme of this holiday could reflect in our dreams too, such as seeing a dead person. When a dead person appears in our dreams, we are more likely to think that they are connecting with us to relay a message. Meanwhile, others claim that seeing your deceased family member portends a warning. Yet, what is true about these claims?

More often than not, when we dream of dead people, it represents our preoccupation with trivial matters. We all like to overthink from time to time. However, it might be your subconscious telling you to stop being engrossed in all your worries.

Another common Halloween activity is watching horror films. Many films are released specifically for this occasion. It is also almost a tradition for TV networks and streaming sites to feature these kinds of films. Because of this, you might watch one and dream of getting murdered or committing the murder yourself one night. As horrendous as they seem, these types of dreams foretell a looming bad event in your life.

Murder-related dreams are often symbolic. People who dream of getting murdered or witnessing killing should be wary of the people who might not be fond of them. They could fall victim to any bad scheme by these people, which could lead to extreme consequences. Similarly, if you are the one committing the murder, you might experience a dreadful incident rooted in your actions. Therefore, avoid getting into arguments or be more forbearing at the time being.

Connecting with the departed loved ones also happens in some cases. People would hire psychic mediums to communicate with the deceased. While many are still dubious about the genuineness of these practices, people who are longing to “speak” with their loved ones have no choice but to rely on them. After all, the promise of being able to “talk” to them again brings comfort to the bereaved. The same goes for dreams where you talk with your dead parents. It might be a sign of receiving much-needed support from the people around you. This might be a way of your deceased parents giving you comfort when you need it the most.

For the most part, Halloween is one of the most-awaited and extravagant holidays in the world. Although the parties and activities happening during this day are widely celebrated, we should not forget the real meaning behind this celebration and offer prayers to those who used to walk the earth with us.