The Web of Meanings Behind Spider Dreams

Creepy crawlies feature prominently in the dream world, and spiders are among the most popular dream symbols in the arachnid family. If you have seen a spider in your dream or in reality, you know that they come in different colors and sizes. The jet black spider and the red spider appear more frequently, but there are also the white spider, green spider, blue spider, and yellow spider. In some instances, the spider is not black, but a strange color. Some dreamers envision a striped spider, hairy spider or strange spots on the spider.

Dreams about spiders and spider websWhat does it mean when you dream about spiders? What do spiders signify in our dream? In traditional dream analysis, a spider can denote the following: a web of lies, trust is being challenged, something is worrying you and the feeling of being trapped. What spiders mean prophetically and spiritually will depend on your cultural background and beliefs. What do spiders mean in dreams from psychology perspective? Carl Jung associates spiders with the Shadow archetype or the dark side of your personality. 

To most people, the spider is extremely big and scary that is why a lot of dreamers have nightmares featuring spiders. But why are we so afraid of spiders? Maybe it is their hairy legs that make you recoil when you dream of spiders crawling on you or you fear spiders biting you. Seeing a spider in your home or spider crawling on you or your family can also represent a security breach or invasion of privacy. To awaken in a dark room surrounded by spiders is equally terrifying.

Scary movies tend to feature gigantic spiders and these spooky images get embedded in the subconscious. You could see millions of spiders crawling on you, get attacked by a spider in a dream, or dream of a jumping spider. Overcome your fear because these symbols can be helpful. If the spider bites you in a dream, take heed because you are about to be betrayed.

In some dreams, it is not the spider itself that is in focus. You may want to know what do spider webs mean in your dream or to be trapped in a spider’s web? To dream of spider eggs and baby spiders can be a sign of a developing illness. It is a reminder to take care of yourself. Meanwhile, to dream of spiders hanging over your head in a dream indicates unfinished business. And if you dream of spiders everywhere, it means people are ganging up on you.

Specific spider characteristics can provide meaningful dream interpretations. For example, you may be asking yourself what does it mean to dream of seeing large spiders or to dream of a poisonous spider? In contrast, when a nonpoisonous spider tickles your back, it means your fears are unfounded because a spider tickling you usually means you have an unlikely ally.

Someone being an energy vampireSpider dreams do not have to be scary. Feelings you may have encountered during a dream of seeing a spider can vary from morbid shock to unexpected surprise in some instances. You may just have a harmless dream of a spider standing still or wake up in your dream and the spider is on top of you. You could even keep a spider as a pet in a dream or dream of a spider in your bed.

Arachnophobia may heighten the image of a spider while in REM sleep. If you have spider phobia, you could have a vivid dream and suddenly see the spider darting across the floor, spider climbing a ceiling or wall, or be chased by a spider and it kills you. Seeing a climbing spider, talking spider and two spiders may have multiple implications depending on how you feel about spiders. In general, for a spider to chase you in a dream is an indication of defeat, meanwhile if two spiders attack each other in your dream then a blessing will come with some bad news. On the other hand, to dream of a spider running away from you means you are destined for great things.

A self-assured dreamer could take control of a dream. In some cases, you could kill a spider in a dream. You could even dream of killing multiple spiders in a dream if you feel confident and brave in a vision. This is an auspicious symbol because the imagery of a dead spider in a dream represents your triumph over your enemies. The bigger the spider, the more blessings you will receive. So, killing a giant spider in a dream points to the realization of your deepest desires and aspirations. Killing deadly spiders, such as killing a tarantula or to kill a black widow in a dream, portends vanquishing a powerful and influential enemy against all odds.