Dream Work and Dreamworkers: A Better Understanding of Your Subconscious

Our lives are divided into waking and dreaming. The gap between the two lies in the process of dream work and can be analyzed by dreamworkers. The esoteric nature of dreams makes it hard to pin down and interpret them, hence the need for dream interpreters and dream analysis. Dreamers can get valuable insights from seemingly inane dream scenarios. In some cases, you can even find solutions to problems that are plaguing your waking life.

What is Dream Work? Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, defines dream work or dreamwork as a process of distorting messages into the cryptic symbols and scenarios in your dreams. For instance, a dog in your dream is a symbolic stand-in or distorted imagery of a loved one. The process of reverse engineering or analyzing the product of dream work is dream analysis. There are four aspects or steps in dream work. They are as follows:  

Condensation: This aspect of dream work occurs when two or more dream symbols or unconscious concepts are combined. For instance, you might dream about a stranger whose facial features are combinations of people you know in reality. In another example, your anxiety about work and fear of insects may manifest as a house infestation. 

Displacement: In the second step, what seems like a mundane thing in the manifested content can suddenly have deeper latent meanings. The opposite could be true. In addition, what seems sinister may actually be harmless upon deeper dream analysis. This is the process of displacement. So, when you dream of death, it can mean a new beginning or an ending of a terrible phase in your life. In other sources, displacement is the process of projecting a dreamer’s issues into something unrelated. For instance, innocence may appear as a pristinely white dress. 

Secondary revision: The dream then gets revised in an attempt to make your dream narrative more coherent. By revising certain elements to make a dream scenario make sense, certain dream symbols can be interpreted differently based on this new context concocted by your subconscious. 

Considerations of representation: In this last step, imageries can appear as puns or wordplay which adds another layer of meaning to an object in the dream world. This ingenious process of dream work relies on the dreamer’s past experiences and knowledge for crafting witty symbolisms. For example, finding salt in your wound could be a reference to the idiomatic expression “adding insult to injury” or a lot of bananas in your dream could mean going crazy as in “going bananas.”

What is the Job of Dreamworkers? Dreamworkers are the people who uncover the hidden meanings of dreams. They are also called dream interpreters, dream analysts, or sometimes even psychoanalysts. Dreamworkers essentially break down the symbols within your dream and interpret them using different methods, such as free association. Although there are general meanings to specific dream symbols, the different experiences and background of individuals can lend a whole new meaning to common dream symbols. This means the job of dreamworkers is to work with dreamers on an individual level, or sometimes as a group activity, to devise more accurate interpretations of a dream.

Dream Work in Group Therapy or Psychotherapy. Because deep-seated trauma can get repressed and buried in the subconscious, dreams can provide a wealth of hidden meanings that can unravel a person’s traumatic past. This is why dream work has been used as a tool in psychoanalysis to help mentally unwell patients face their fears or achieve closure from past trauma.

Those cases are complex and need the expertise of trained professionals. But ordinary people can also benefit from dream work. Sometimes we are blind to our self-destructive patterns, for instance, or unaware about possible threats to our well-being. Enlightenment and self-awareness can often be achieved by paying attention to our dreams.

There are tons of resources online for dream analysis and ways to integrate your experiences into the interpretation. Simply recording your dreams can help you find patterns or spot recurring dream scenarios which you can dissect using your current state of mind or existing issues you may be trying to resolve. Ultimately, dream work allows you to explore your subconscious and get to know yourself better in the process.

New Year resolutions, will they work this time around? Let’s see what your subconscious mind tells you..

NewyearIt’s that time of year again when you look back to assess your life based on accomplishments and areas for improvement. Are you excited to get started with your goals or are you still wallowing in regrets? Either way, it’s nice to have a list of resolutions to help you hit the ground running this coming 2019. If you still haven’t thought about your New Year’s resolutions, you may want to examine your dreams for subconscious signals about what you should set your sights on.

Bad habits

Resolutions always include a promise to quit bad habits. Then again, how do you determine which ones are bad? Some could be clear-cut like smoking, gambling or drugs because there is observable evidence of declining health or dwindling bank accounts. Other bad habits can be seen as minor or even debatable, like mobile phone addiction, a short temper or being a shut-in. One could argue that a short temper can actually deter others from undermining or taking advantage you. But as long as certain behaviors and patterns are hampering your development and self-actualization, you can bet that they’re bad. To be sure, watch out for disturbing dream scenarios and nightmares because they are excellent indicators of impediments to your goals. Once you isolate those dream symbols and figure out their meanings, you can start working on getting rid of those self-defeating habits.GIVING BIRTH, COCKROACHES, LEAVING A HOTEL, SOMEONE TRYING TO KILL YOU

Relationships with others

How would you describe your relationships? Have you been more social this year or have you kept to yourself for the most part? Did you make new friends and ended a few friendships? Figure out how you can maintain meaningful connections while living harmoniously with people you do not necessarily like. As a resolution, you can vow to be more sympathetic without being a pushover. It is all about balance. After all, healthy relationships require a give and take. The other party must also be willing to meet you halfway. Your subconscious may already be giving you hints about real-life social connections you need to work on. Some subconscious symbols to watch out for in your dreams could be: BOAT IN AN OPEN SEA, PETTING A LION, LOSING YOUR SHOES, A CRACKED RING

Body image and exercise

Improvements can be made in both your internal and external aspects. Physically, your body needs to be in tip-top shape for you to function at your optimal level. This is why working out is one of the most popular New Year’s resolution. This comes hand in hand with better diet and a cleaner lifestyle. They want to feel good. For some it is all about being fit and healthy, while others focus more on aesthetics. They want to look good. Ideally, you get both. So, what is your priority? If you are being teased about your weight or bullied at school for your frail frame, maybe it’s time you focus on being fit to boost your self-esteem and become happier in the process. You may want to pay attention to these signals from your subconsciousness: FIERCE FIGHT, BEING AT A GYM, FRIENDS AS DWARFS, MEN AT WORK, BLACK BEARD

Chasing after that dream

Do you want to put up your own business? Thinking of buying your own home? Or maybe you have been eyeing a promotion at work. No matter how lofty or simple your dreams may be, getting there is not a sprint, it is a marathon. So, pace yourself. Break things down to achievable goals. This way, you get to check off little steps and progress you make. Subconscious signals when you sleep can give you valuable insight on blocks to your plans or upcoming challenges. Learn to understand those dream symbols to help you fine-tune your strategies and overcome obstacles. You make want to take note of these common subconscious symbols: SURVIVING DROWNING, BEING AT A PHARMACY, A FLYING DRAGON

It’s all about changes

Waking up 30 minutes earlier or deciding to cut out processed sugar from your daily intake can lead to bigger changes over time. Something as mundane as changing how you dress will change other people’s perception of you, so strive to make small changes for your self-improvement until all those little changes amount to a significant transformation. Another possible change would be to pay attention to your dreams. Dream symbols can help you further understand the inner workings of your subconscious mind. Stuff you tend to overlook while dealing with day-to-day business and routines can seep into your dreams providing you with a more comprehensive view of your life. These subconscious dream symbols may have already told you that before we did: CUTTING A CRAB, PACKING A BAG, A RED DRESS

Helping others

Stock up on good karma by promising to lend a helping hand. This means giving to the less fortunate, such as donating to charity or doing volunteer work. This could also include colleagues and loved ones in need. If you are in a good place with the capacity or resources (not necessarily material) to help, then do not hesitate to share your blessings. You never know, when you find yourself down on your luck, the people you have helped will be more inclined to run to your aid. Do not make this your motivation for kindness though, this is not about quid pro quo. Goodness and generosity will naturally attract positive energies. Look out for these subconscious signals from the dream world, they may be just what you have been missing: STRANGERS SINGING, BLOND HAIR, REPAIRING A BRIDGE

Why money matters and when it should not

Another popular resolution is to make more money. “Financial freedom” is a popular catchphrase these days and for good reason. Who does not want monetary security and affluence? Everyone wants to escape the rat race. That is why anxieties about money can influence dreams, especially if you are always worrying about paying your bills and your mounting debt. To begin your journey towards financial independence, set defined goals like how much you would save every payday or set up an emergency fund if you do not already have one. What is important is that your financial targets should be about improving your life. Do not let money, or the lack of it, consume you. If you have to spend, spend it on the things that matter or the people you love. Here are dream symbols related to money concerns: A CHEAP RESTAURANT, DANCING BEARS, RUSTY AXE, EMPTY WALLET

Time is precious

Because we are on the subject of New Year’s resolutions, it is inevitable that the subject of time would be broached. Another year has passed, reaffirming once more that life is fleeting. Hence, we should make the most of it. You can take this as a motivating factor to fuel your pursuit of your aspirations. This can also be taken as an ominous sign as you ponder your sense of mortality. Often, you can catch glimpses of your state of mind based on the signs from your dreams. Danger could be lurking and you are not aware of it. In that case, practice vigilance! Otherwise, value your time in this world by making positive strides. These subconscious signals are probably already telling you about both of these points we just made: A BRIGHTLY LIT STREET, A DUSKY SKY, GRAINS OF SAND, FLYING IN AN AIRCRAFT

Finally, before you write down new resolutions or renew the old ones, evaluate your past list(s). Which ones worked, and which ones failed? If a resolution has been present on your list every year, then you might want to change tactics. Instead of writing “exercise daily,” try writing your target weight instead. Instead of “Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro” include a target date for it. The more specific you are, the more concrete steps you’ll take. As for your ultimate dream, try to be more creative in 2019. If your plan didn’t pan out this year or the year before, perhaps you need to set your sights on something else. So, as the clock counts down to midnight, remember to always dream big.


Dreaming about rats: Symbolic aspects hidden in commonly-described dream scenarios

Dream interpretation about rats abounds with theories and explanations related to these animals based on their affinity to famine, poverty, unsanitary conditions fed by the fear and disgust expressed by many in regards to these creatures lurking in the dark corners and suddenly crossing our paths.

Rats as dream symbolsBut let us take a closer look at the symbolic representations and some details contained within dream related to the images of rats. Apart from their physical characteristics and features which can evoke deep feelings of repulsion and disgust both inside the dream and afterwards, some commonly-experienced dream visions can reveal interesting, if not unusual associations and imagery, especially in the context of a particular dreams scenario.

An interesting detail often described by dreamers who happened to dream about rats is the environment and surroundings in which the dream took place. Often, it is a place characterized by the presence of water, dreamers refer to “muddy”, “rainy”, “slippery” locations as places where the contact with rats had taken place. The combination of these two symbols, “the rat” and “the water” suggests that dreamer’s mind could be subconsciously reflecting the existing struggle between two contrasting personal positions or attitudes in reality: admittance of guilt, wrongdoing or inappropriateness versus readiness (but quite possibly reluctance) to repent, cleanse or change for the better. By closely examining more predominant details of this dream scenario, one can analyze to what extent this situation can be applied to this kind of interpretation.

Another prominent aspect commonly remembered and described after having dream visions involving rats is their appearance or small physical details pertaining to what they looked like. Often, these are associations and chimera-like images related to the features of a human body: little humanlike hands, human faces or other parts of human anatomy morphed with the image of a rat. Common dreams about rats also include coming into physical contact with these animals, for example stepping on them, being bitten by them and so on.

Scared of ratsFor people who are naturally afraid of rats in wake life, these dreams could be either a confirmation of their phobia and repulsion directed at the animals, or a subconscious attempt to examine or question the nature of such fear. The symbolism of encountering a rat is quite often accompanied by the scenes of dark, untidy and unpleasant surroundings transposed into the dream from reality. Therefore, it’s a good indication of the dreamer’s preoccupation with cleanliness, purity or natural aversion to chaos and disorder. However, it could also be quite possible that the person experiencing dreams about rats spends some portion of his or her wake life in unclean, cluttered and messy environments, e.g. as a warehouse worker, a head of a large household which is difficult to manage, and the like.

It is probably artificial and far-fetched to relate symbolic representations of rats in our dreams to certain personalities and aspects of behavior of human character (a traitor, a person capable of deceit and betrayal), as many dream interpretation sources infer, because the image of a rat in these dreams is heavily dominated by the physical features of the animal and immediate surroundings which evoke, before anything, sensory reactions and responses, both on subconscious (dreams experienced) and conscious (dreams remembered) levels.

When trying to interpret dream visions containing a rat or rats as a central symbol, it would probably be more beneficial to explore tangible physiological reactions to the outside world in order to find a more meaningful interpretation of dreams about rats.

Dream symbols over the span of human life: evolution of symbolic representations about reality

We spend one third of our lives in a state of sleep (unconscious existence), which is referred to as a natural mechanism for restoring energy and giving our bodies much-needed rest at night. As we get older, the duration of such rest tends to become more and more prolonged in order to maintain our vital functions at an appropriate rate as we age. But what about the subconscious side of brain activity? Does it go through a completely different set of transformations compared to the young age and how do symbolic visions change over the span of our life?

Trash CanUndeniably, during the younger formative years, when the very foundation of memory and cognition is shaped, our subconscious reflections capture a great variety of new imagery, visual and sensory aspects of the everyday life. No wonder, adolescents experience very diverse, if not chaotic dream visions comprised of interwoven symbolic elements accumulated during the wake hours. It would probably be a complicated task for a young person to sort out distinct and discernible visions contained in their dreams in order to interpret them in a meaningful way. The exploratory nature of human mind causes us to retain important moments of our lives, but in a very erratic and disorderly way, so their analysis as far as dream interpretation is concerned, becomes difficult, if not impossible altogether. At this stage we could draw an analogy of subconscious brain activity resembling a computer file system which is being constantly updated without a whole lot of sorting and categorizing of the individual files within that system.

Old recordsAs we age, we gain more experience and start to separate discrete events in our “file system” into more stable and recognizable elements, which are often compiled, coded and stored based on their importance to us. Over the span of our lives, we increasingly attribute more significance to some events while forgetting or even completely ignoring those that seem mundane and unworthy of remembering to us. Figuratively speaking, the subconscious retention at this stage could probably be compared to an old vinyl record etched with certain well-defined and vivid symbolic visions coming alive during our sleep and leaving lasting recollections long after we wake up and go on with the conscious existence.

Therefore, it is clear that only discrete and isolated symbolic dream visions become more profound and prominent as we go through the process of maturation. And the biggest questions for any dreamer who is experiencing these recurring symbols and visions later in life are why do some certain symbolic dream elements take over less important ones and how could they be interpreted in a meaningful way, since they were “distilled” by the memory and recorded as distinct marks in our subconsciousness.

Would it be fair to say that older people are capable of finding and identifying much more relevant meanings for the dreams they experience because the “search terms” of their inquiries are considerably narrower, more precise and more defined? Does the number of years lived matter in symbolic dream interpretation just because our long life experience helped us keep only the most memorable life moments and important milestones retained as symbols and visions of our dreams?

Symbols of rain or rainy weather in dream interpretation and possible ways to analyze these dreams

Generally speaking, weather-related dreams offer little insight as far as dream analysis and interpretation are concerned with the exception when dreams include symbols and vision of rain and rain-related events. The main reason for having a multitude of interpretations for dreams about rain is its direct relation to water, which has been strongly connected to the fertility and abundance, which are characteristics of prosperity and happy life in many of the world’s cultures regardless of their geographic location. Presence of rain in dreams serves as a linking element between availability of favorable weather conditions and personal well-being and feelings of security. Similarly, dreams containing threatening or even catastrophic events and involving rain events, can be a representation of insecurity or fear reflected at a subconscious level.

Hiding From RainMany dreams are inherently related to emotions and feelings experienced while dreaming, for example soothing and comforting feelings of warm summer rain, feeling secure and protected while observing rain falling outside in bad weather from inside the house, or expression of loneliness and discomfort while being caught in the cold rain on the street and so on. For some people, while experiencing dreams about rain, the visions can evoke feelings of stressful and worrisome existence, some kind of disturbance or effects which result in excessive introversion, low self-esteem and depression projected into wake life. Psychological aspects of experiencing these kinds of visions can add to formation of complexes and states negatively affecting person’s life, especially if dreams are recurring in their nature.

The composition or the way rain was observed in a dream as well as its various degrees of intensity can provoke different emotions and reactions following the dream. The color or even the size of rain drops seen or felt while dreaming are explained and interpreted with a surprising variety of meanings and symbolic connotations by dream interpretation sources. Additional elements (i.e. thunder, lightning, wind) can add to or completely reverse the original meaning about rain symbols, creating ambiguous or contradictory interpretations of rain-related events experienced while dreaming.

Summer RainAs it has been mentioned before, dreams about rain are closely related to symbols and visions of water, therefore there are a lot of similarities in the way these two type of dreams are interpreted. Often enough, the notions of clear or dirty water are approximated to explain similar dreams about rain. Many sources regard clean and fresh rainwater as a symbol of personal rejuvenation and renewal, the ability to start life over and expect to be favored by the destiny that lies ahead.

While trying to find a meaningful explanation of a dream about rain, try to recall details pertaining to the situation: were you alone or with other people in the rain, what was rain’s intensity, was it accompanied by some environmental conditions such as thunder or lightning, what was the feeling you experienced in this dream? Other recollections could be related to the impact which rain had on you in your dream. Interpretation of a vision when you did not feel comfortable in the cold rain could be quite different from an event when you happened to notice other people or kids enjoying a light summer drizzle. The negative or positive outcome of such experience can change dramatically based on details you bring back from your subconscious visions related to rain or rainy weather.

Dream Symbols: Understanding Reality Through the Language of Symbolic Meanings

Our dreams are not just random sets or sequences of events occurring during sleep. They have a discernible connection to reality, whether such a relation is rooted in our past, a reflection of our present or a prediction of our future. Dreams are rife with symbolism and symbolic images, or things which speak about us – and more aptly, to us – through the deepest recesses of our subconscious. These symbols take the form of living or nonliving things, sounds, visions, our own and other people’s actions which appear in our dreams as a mirror of our innermost thoughts and feelings, or a parallel conscience to guide us through life’s journey. Therefore, it is imperative that we uncover the meaning of our dreams so that our awareness could help us act accordingly and use our knowledge for our own good.

Brain PuzzleNot surprisingly, remembering and interpreting certain dream symbols can often result in revelations which were somehow already anticipated or expected by the dreamer. However, there are dream symbols which may be difficult to fathom, and a deeper understanding and analysis of life’s circumstances are needed in order to form a cogent connection to the dream visions themselves, especially when a dream is recurring. These symbols may reveal some deeply-rooted subconscious desires. They may be hiding repressed memories of long-forgotten traumas. Or they could be perceived as warnings based on dreamers’ previous life experiences and practical knowledge alerting them about upcoming unfortunate events, giving them ample time to steer clear of future dangers.

Although symbols represent perhaps the most important part of a dream, looking at a specific symbol in isolation would not be helpful in trying to uncover relevant meaning and significance of a particular dream. As with some words which can have many meanings, depending upon the context in which they are used in spoken or written form, dream symbols should also be interpreted in the context they appear in a dream. Dreamers must pay special attention to all notable attributes in the dream as these may help reveal, modify or put specific symbolic representations in their proper context and, therefore, provide more valid interpretation. For example, snow by itself seen in a dream, may indicate that the dreamer is a casual observer to people’s hardships and difficulties, regardless of his or her reactions to such situations. However, “melting snow” has an entirely different symbolic meaning. On account of an additional context describing the symbol, in this case the modifier “melting”, the symbolic meaning of “snow” is completely altered.

Dream CatcherInterpretation of dream symbols using discrete representations of objects, actions and events experienced in a dream can result in some broad ideas for interpretations, however, more detailed combinations of symbolic attributes pertaining to specific dream visions produce much better interpretation results. Many dream interpretation sources posit that symbols are what can be considered elements of the universal language for dream interpretation and often belie a more deeply-rooted and inherent meaning.

For this reason, readers need to understand that additional details associated with specific dream visions or dream stories can aid in context-specific dream interpretation. For example, eating an apple and seeing a rotten apple, although bearing the same object considered as a symbol, i.e. apple, in the world of dreams, are obviously two different dream events which will have separate context-specific interpretations. Similarly, dreaming about a river, as described by the dreamer in more than one setting or scenario, could represent a number of things. As for dreams which involve recurring symbols, readers may be wondering why such visions keep appearing like pesky flies in their subconscious state. In most cases, they symbolize problematic events which have gone unresolved, or tumultuous phases in their lives which have not been accorded a proper closure. Otherwise, these reminders might just be another collection of unaccomplished plans or unfulfilled dreams waiting to be realized.

Not all symbols contained in our dreams have the same connotations as they would have in the real world. Often, certain things which might be considered unfavorable in reality connote a completely opposite meaning as applies to the world of dreams. One example is when a person dreams about death. It does not follow that someone they know in real life would meet the same fate. Death in the dream could be indicative of a change or transformation. Since the notion of death implies “coming to an end,” it is often symbolic of new beginnings. So there’s the rub. For someone who does not bother to look deeper for the most commonly-interpreted meaning of this seemingly macabre symbolism, that person will likely be unjustifiably burdened with anxieties about some ominous event which would most probably never happen. Of course there are dreams whose symbolic meanings are exactly how they would unravel in real life. Dreams of this nature are either a form of self-affirmation or proof that dreams indeed do literally come true, and deservedly so.

As in all forms of literature, a dream can be summarized and shortened by determining the “crux of the matter,” or the central theme of the dream from which its meaning can be deduced. The gist of a particular dream, no matter how complex it may seem, can manifest in the most vivid recollections of symbols taken out of the dream and have a profound significance to dreamers that only dreamers can determine for themselves. To reiterate, paying close attention to the context in which these symbols are seen in the dream will help dreamers arrive at the closest and most commonly-assigned meanings and interpretations as provided by both traditional and modern dream interpretation sources.

To give readers some relevant examples, dreaming about a “baby” in general is a symbol of upcoming pleasant surprises and fortuitous occurrences. That sounds simple enough. To dream of a “crying baby” connotes major health problems or a sudden tragedy. That’s still quite straightforward. However, consider this next dream, “cuddling a crying baby in an effort to calm him down, to no avail”. This by all appearances is a complex dream vision which might require some analysis on the dreamers’ part to help them grasp the central theme, which would then aid them in determining the dream’s symbolic meaning.  Again, only the dreamers can decide as to which particular attribute or part of the dream they think is prominent or significant enough to help them zero in on that attribute as the central theme, or the context in which the dream vision might take its symbolic meaning and draw a widely-recognized interpretation.

Baby CarriageTaking the third dream sample a bit further, it is possible that such a complex dream vision could only be the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. For the sake of argument, and knowing that it would bring readers to a better understanding of symbolism and symbolic meaning, let us assume that one dreamer dreams of “cuddling a crying baby in a room full of countless other people who are doing exactly the same thing, i.e., each cuddling a crying baby, and all seem to be working in a collective effort to calm all the babies down, to no avail.” In analyzing this rather convoluted dream vision, dreamers will be guided by their own conscience, that is, an inner awareness of what part of the vision truly strikes a chord with them in order for them to decide that it is indeed the symbolic image they are seeking a specific answer for. The possibilities to narrow their inquiry to a searchable dream description are as divergent as “many babies,” “strangers taking care of babies,” “baby tantrums,” “room full of crying babies,” “room full of people cuddling crying babies,” and so on.

There is no denying that enormous efforts are placed in creating and maintaining online dream interpretation sources which are able to respond to the signs of the times, but admittedly, these answers are mere guideposts. They are there only to give directions and to light the way. Ultimately, it is the dreamer who creates his own destiny, he who unlocks the true meaning of his own dreams.

Dreams about money, wealth or inheritance: Dream interpretation sources to help find the answer to what these dreams mean

Money in various forms and under a multitude of circumstances are often present while we dream, these experiences ignite our interest in finding the answer to the hidden meanings they may contain. Different circumstances may be experienced in dreams, such as losing money, acquiring wealth or winning the lottery and suddenly becoming rich, spending money or owing money to someone, these visions can be a reflection of personal financial situation or desire and striving to become rich and independent.

Wealth and MoneyMoney as material or physical objects (cash, coins, etc) is usually a representation of having or gaining power and ability to control other people in real life, it can also point out the ability to be in control of your actions and competency in such aspects as work, social relations and certain niche in society. A very important element in finding the right meaning of dreams, which involved money, is paying close attention to the nature and circumstances as well as other people present in these dreams. You may want to recall your own role in these relationships involving money, were you giving money away, borrowing money, or maybe just looking at someone who had a lot of money in their hands?

Many people experiencing dreams about money or about suddenly becoming wealthy have acute desire to be rich(er) and are extremely unhappy with their current financial situation in real life. They want to be in full control of their spending habits and have ability to spend much more than they can afford spending at present moment. Some people will be experiencing dreams about handling money because they subconsciously want to learn better ways in managing their finances or eliminating situations from their lives which once led them to be in debt or if they are afraid they may get mired in debt because of their current life situation or financial problems.

When you experience visions of receiving or inheriting money – try recalling sources and circumstances surrounding this event. In most cases, dreams containing these symbolic representations may be an expression of being blessed with power, ability to thrive on good deeds and accomplish a lot in a short period of time. These dreams can be an indication of regaining emotional strength and personal growth and renewal, ability to establish lasting and meaningful relationships with people around you or win over worries and uncertainties which could be tormenting and haunting you for quite some time.

Couple Holding HandsMany of us are visited by visions and symbols in our dreams related to being rich and wealthy and trying or wanting to share this wealth with others around us, which can represent subconscious desire to help someone, not necessarily in a material sense, but spiritually or because we know we possess more knowledge or experience to be in such a role.

Losing money or trying to locate money you lost in a dream is a sign of lacking self-control and willpower, not only pertaining to the ways you handle money or how you budget your expenses, but can equally be applicable to dealing with emotional aspects in your private life.

What is your position in regards to shortage or abundance of money in your life, do you perceive not worrying about money as something normal or do you consider having lots of money as an important sign of being able to control life situations or have major influence on people who are present in your life?

In more generalized terms, money in dreams has always been connected to the person’s attempts to become capable to exert power and influence on others. At the same time, this person would be questioning on a subconscious level in a dream how to access this power and how to build on wealth.

Dreaming about inheriting money, especially if it was something unexpected, is an indication of ability to achieve surprising outcomes as a result of your efforts and hard work. Conversely, being left out from inheriting money or wealth may be warning you about the need in more critical and honest evaluation of your efforts and abilities when you try to accomplish or achieve goals you set for yourself in life.

Animals in dream interpretation: Personal relationship and connection to animals and impact on what these dreams mean

Animals in our dreams can be represented  by a wide range of various visions and symbols. As the long history of dream interpretation shows, dreams which include animals and animal symbols prove the true value and legitimacy of their interpretation. These dreams open up a new venue in looking at personal concerns and aspirations, they can explain and guide us through life circumstances and events important to us. Animals can behave and communicate with us in a variety of different ways in our dreams. In our dreams, they can help us solve problems, chase us, prey on us; they become able to talk to us or keep a company without any communication or exchanging words. Some people can easily get pacified or, just as equally, frightened at a sight of an animal in a dream. Often enough, animal images appearing in our dreams will be direct consequence of our individual life experience and personal values we acquire.

In order to interpret a dream which involved animals, you need to compare your attitude and personal vision toward this particular animal both when it appears in your dream and how you treat or regard this animal in your wake life. It is also important to keep in mind the way this animal behaves in your dream, so you can analyze how it relates to the way you would expect this animal to act or behave in reality. This is rather important because our perception of symbols and visions while dreaming and in real life can at times be quite opposite when compared to each other.

Dogs as AnimalsA good example here is a vision of a dog. This animal commonly referred to as man’s best friend and companion. Still, some people harbor insurmountable subconscious fear toward this animal. Dog symbols can carry completely opposite emotional meanings associated with them. Individuals dreaming about aggressive dogs and who are actually frightened by dogs in wake life maybe experiencing some type of a warning by dreaming about angry and aggressive dogs as their fear is manifesting itself on a subconscious level. The symbols contained in the dream can vary in attributes, such as where the dogs was seen, how big it was, how aggressive it behaved and so on. The extent of fear is emphasized by additional details accompanying the dream, so when looking for the best interpretation, special attention needs to be paid to details and descriptions in order to find the most relevant meaning of the dream being interpreted. In this example, dog’s behavior is the key to decoding the message contained in your dream: try to recall whether the dog was chasing you, or maybe it was more than one dog, or maybe you were chasing the dog?

Cow in PastureWe frequently dream about our pets and domesticated animals, even though we are not dependent on or thoughtful of domesticated animals compared to the past, when people heavily relied on cattle or farm animals to sustain their very existence. Domestic animals or grazing animals in your dream are often a symbol of prosperity and abundance as well as balanced living conditions in your household. Other sources, which are more dated, always attribute dreaming about domestic animals to prosperous and wealthy life and easily overcoming hardships related to food supplies and general way of maintaining household and providing for the family.

Less commonly, people dream about killing animals, whether intentionally, or in order to survive. Dreaming about killing an animal as a means of survival or for the purposes of subsistence is related to subconscious manifestation of personal survival or struggles in real life. Typically, these dreams are reflections of the sense of responsibility for actions of other people or the need to establish one’s authority and influence in life. Dreams, which involve visions of slaughtering animals (depending on the kind of an animal) without any apparent motivation or need for it, can represent attempts to cater to your desires and wants, projection of anger or dissatisfaction with a certain taboo or limitations dictated by society. Satisfaction of desire or releasing anger is a subconscious way of dealing with these issues, which results in scenes of you killing an animal.

Does the animal you are trying to kill in your dream represent a person in your life you know very well? Are you connecting the image of this animal with someone from your social circles when experiencing these visions?

Modern society places taboo on inhumane treatment of animals, therefore you may be experiencing an act of rebellion against societal norms when you are hurting or killing an animal.

Hungry or preying animals in your dreams can be a sign of misalignment between the way you think and socially acceptable norms of expressing thoughts and acting publicly. In a sense, by dreaming about a hungry animal you are subconsciously chasing after unfulfilled desires or trying to break through limitations society is placing on you.

A cautionary sign while dreaming about animals is unnecessary domination or abusing animals, being superior to them, which is a sure sign of danger and immediate threat you could be about to experience.