Having a baby in a dream: relationship to dreamer’s soul and a harbinger of hope and new life

Tarot card reading and horoscope are just two of the sources we consult when we try to decipher certain symbols we see in the dream world. You might be a person who always tries to find meaning in almost everything that happens in your life. On that note, have you ever had a dream with a baby or a newborn in it and wondered, “What does that mean?” More often than not, we associate our dreams with what is going on in our lives and think that they are signs or warnings of what lies ahead. But what do they mean exactly?

A cute baby boy or girl

In astrology, a vision of a baby generally symbolizes your inner child. Perhaps you are venturing into new challenges or adventures in the real world and are welcoming new beginnings ahead of you. You could also be a woman who wanted to get pregnant or a man who plans to become a parent. That is why this vision manifested in your dream. If you happen to see your own child in this dream, it could be that you worry about everything in the actual world. We all worry from time to time but this should not keep you from living your life to the fullest.

Is the baby beautiful or ugly? As terrible as it sounds, babies’ appearance plays an important role in dream interpretations too. While a cute-looking baby indicates happiness and warmth, an ugly-looking one suggests that you are doubtful of your friends. And if you are a white person, do not be horrified if you suddenly dream of having a Chinese baby. This only explains that overseas work is waiting for you or that you would be relocated to a new city.

Taking care of a baby in the real world might not be too delightful for some, but what if the same context appears in your dream? Well, this simply represents your behavior toward other people in the waking world. For instance, changing a baby’s diaper indicates your tendency to be secretive, and feeding a baby suggests that significant changes are coming your way.

Is the baby crying in this dream? The baby in this vision is actually yourself needing attention and nurturing from the people around you. Perhaps you are feeling unappreciated or unseen despite the effort you put into your romantic relationship or work. If this is the case, you can always try to address this matter with the people involved.

On top of that, giving birth in the dream might seem to be quite nerve-wracking, especially if you are not in a relationship in real life or are not planning to have a baby at all. However, this foresight only implies a fresh start in your life. This might be a sign for you to get into that business venture you have always wanted to do, start a new hobby for self-improvement, or even start believing in love again. While making a plan is always a good idea, this vision also advises you to take a leap of faith. A small hint of failure could even teach us greater things in life.

Have you dreamed of evil-looking or scary babies? Evil-looking babies, resembling “Chucky,” are usually shown in horror movies, and they look terrifying! Yet, just because you saw the same-looking baby in the dream world does not mean that someone is out there to get you. More often than not, this mirrors the negative traits that you fail to realize. Do you easily get angry? Do you tend to harbor ill feelings about a person? It might be the best time to reflect on your emotions and character.

But what if it is you who is a baby in the dream itself? Symbolically, this is your desire to bring back time. You might be missing your carefree and innocent years as a child. This is arguably one of the most typical dreams involving babies because who does not want to become young and worry-free again? On the other hand, this might also mean that you might have gone into a traumatic event in the past that still haunts you to this day. 

Death is always scary but what more if you see a dead baby in the dream world? This dream does not literally mean that someone around you will possibly die. More likely than not, this vision suggests that something that has just begun in your life will reach its end soon. It could be a short-lived affair or anything that has just recently taken place around you. Yet, this should not hinder you from starting all over again.

Dreaming is always a part of us. There are vast resources online and offline for us to determine what our dreams mean. Yet, we will always have questions in pursuit of their exact interpretations. Specifically, seeing a baby in your dream is always symbolic. Thus, paying attention to all the details involved will be a great help. Look deep inside you. The baby in your dream might be your inner self sending you a message to be more mindful of your own thoughts and emotions.

Halloween celebration and dreams related to this event

Trick or treat! It’s that time of the year again where you see children wearing spooky costumes trick-or-treating and establishments in their various Halloween-themed decorations. Halloween is a holiday rooted in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain and was traditionally celebrated to ward off evil spirits.

Today, this occasion has gotten more commercialized. People spend tons of money on costumes, candies, and decorations each year. Some even hold grand Halloween parties. Although this is a big celebration in the United States and other North American and European countries, some countries do not practice this due to religious and cultural reasons. However, they still observe a holiday that honors their departed loved ones. People would go to cemeteries or make an altar and offer food to the deceased. Although not practically the same, both share a common theme of honoring the dead.

It is normal to associate this holiday with spirits and otherworldly creatures. Many people dress as vampires or zombies on this day. Some may even be putting realistic makeup just to achieve the scary look they want. In turn, others have nightmares involving these creatures. For instance, one could dream of being chased by a vampire, which suggests the fear of a new person in your life. There might be one particular person you want to avoid in waking life, and that could have manifested in your dream. Likewise, being chased by zombies in your dream represents a serious illness you could get. These dreams should serve as warnings that we should not overlook.

Tales of witches and ghosts, as well as dreams about dead people, also fascinate many – even skeptics – during this time. Many people assume that these dreams signify a bad omen. Whatever the interpretation is, it is important to note that this is the best time to remember people who used to be with us.

Being so absorbed in the theme of this holiday could reflect in our dreams too, such as seeing a dead person. When a dead person appears in our dreams, we are more likely to think that they are connecting with us to relay a message. Meanwhile, others claim that seeing your deceased family member portends a warning. Yet, what is true about these claims?

More often than not, when we dream of dead people, it represents our preoccupation with trivial matters. We all like to overthink from time to time. However, it might be your subconscious telling you to stop being engrossed in all your worries.

Another common Halloween activity is watching horror films. Many films are released specifically for this occasion. It is also almost a tradition for TV networks and streaming sites to feature these kinds of films. Because of this, you might watch one and dream of getting murdered or committing the murder yourself one night. As horrendous as they seem, these types of dreams foretell a looming bad event in your life.

Murder-related dreams are often symbolic. People who dream of getting murdered or witnessing killing should be wary of the people who might not be fond of them. They could fall victim to any bad scheme by these people, which could lead to extreme consequences. Similarly, if you are the one committing the murder, you might experience a dreadful incident rooted in your actions. Therefore, avoid getting into arguments or be more forbearing at the time being.

Connecting with the departed loved ones also happens in some cases. People would hire psychic mediums to communicate with the deceased. While many are still dubious about the genuineness of these practices, people who are longing to “speak” with their loved ones have no choice but to rely on them. After all, the promise of being able to “talk” to them again brings comfort to the bereaved. The same goes for dreams where you talk with your dead parents. It might be a sign of receiving much-needed support from the people around you. This might be a way of your deceased parents giving you comfort when you need it the most.

For the most part, Halloween is one of the most-awaited and extravagant holidays in the world. Although the parties and activities happening during this day are widely celebrated, we should not forget the real meaning behind this celebration and offer prayers to those who used to walk the earth with us.

Dream Work and Dreamworkers: A Better Understanding of Your Subconscious

Our lives are divided into waking and dreaming. The gap between the two lies in the process of dream work and can be analyzed by dreamworkers. The esoteric nature of dreams makes it hard to pin down and interpret them, hence the need for dream interpreters and dream analysis. Dreamers can get valuable insights from seemingly inane dream scenarios. In some cases, you can even find solutions to problems that are plaguing your waking life.

What is Dream Work? Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, defines dream work or dreamwork as a process of distorting messages into the cryptic symbols and scenarios in your dreams. For instance, a dog in your dream is a symbolic stand-in or distorted imagery of a loved one. The process of reverse engineering or analyzing the product of dream work is dream analysis. There are four aspects or steps in dream work. They are as follows:  

Condensation: This aspect of dream work occurs when two or more dream symbols or unconscious concepts are combined. For instance, you might dream about a stranger whose facial features are combinations of people you know in reality. In another example, your anxiety about work and fear of insects may manifest as a house infestation. 

Displacement: In the second step, what seems like a mundane thing in the manifested content can suddenly have deeper latent meanings. The opposite could be true. In addition, what seems sinister may actually be harmless upon deeper dream analysis. This is the process of displacement. So, when you dream of death, it can mean a new beginning or an ending of a terrible phase in your life. In other sources, displacement is the process of projecting a dreamer’s issues into something unrelated. For instance, innocence may appear as a pristinely white dress. 

Secondary revision: The dream then gets revised in an attempt to make your dream narrative more coherent. By revising certain elements to make a dream scenario make sense, certain dream symbols can be interpreted differently based on this new context concocted by your subconscious. 

Considerations of representation: In this last step, imageries can appear as puns or wordplay which adds another layer of meaning to an object in the dream world. This ingenious process of dream work relies on the dreamer’s past experiences and knowledge for crafting witty symbolisms. For example, finding salt in your wound could be a reference to the idiomatic expression “adding insult to injury” or a lot of bananas in your dream could mean going crazy as in “going bananas.”

What is the Job of Dreamworkers? Dreamworkers are the people who uncover the hidden meanings of dreams. They are also called dream interpreters, dream analysts, or sometimes even psychoanalysts. Dreamworkers essentially break down the symbols within your dream and interpret them using different methods, such as free association. Although there are general meanings to specific dream symbols, the different experiences and background of individuals can lend a whole new meaning to common dream symbols. This means the job of dreamworkers is to work with dreamers on an individual level, or sometimes as a group activity, to devise more accurate interpretations of a dream.

Dream Work in Group Therapy or Psychotherapy. Because deep-seated trauma can get repressed and buried in the subconscious, dreams can provide a wealth of hidden meanings that can unravel a person’s traumatic past. This is why dream work has been used as a tool in psychoanalysis to help mentally unwell patients face their fears or achieve closure from past trauma.

Those cases are complex and need the expertise of trained professionals. But ordinary people can also benefit from dream work. Sometimes we are blind to our self-destructive patterns, for instance, or unaware about possible threats to our well-being. Enlightenment and self-awareness can often be achieved by paying attention to our dreams.

There are tons of resources online for dream analysis and ways to integrate your experiences into the interpretation. Simply recording your dreams can help you find patterns or spot recurring dream scenarios which you can dissect using your current state of mind or existing issues you may be trying to resolve. Ultimately, dream work allows you to explore your subconscious and get to know yourself better in the process.

The Web of Meanings Behind Spider Dreams

Creepy crawlies feature prominently in the dream world, and spiders are among the most popular dream symbols in the arachnid family. If you have seen a spider in your dream or in reality, you know that they come in different colors and sizes. The jet black spider and the red spider appear more frequently, but there are also the white spider, green spider, blue spider, and yellow spider. In some instances, the spider is not black, but a strange color. Some dreamers envision a striped spider, hairy spider or strange spots on the spider.

Dreams about spiders and spider websWhat does it mean when you dream about spiders? What do spiders signify in our dream? In traditional dream analysis, a spider can denote the following: a web of lies, trust is being challenged, something is worrying you and the feeling of being trapped. What spiders mean prophetically and spiritually will depend on your cultural background and beliefs. What do spiders mean in dreams from psychology perspective? Carl Jung associates spiders with the Shadow archetype or the dark side of your personality. 

To most people, the spider is extremely big and scary that is why a lot of dreamers have nightmares featuring spiders. But why are we so afraid of spiders? Maybe it is their hairy legs that make you recoil when you dream of spiders crawling on you or you fear spiders biting you. Seeing a spider in your home or spider crawling on you or your family can also represent a security breach or invasion of privacy. To awaken in a dark room surrounded by spiders is equally terrifying.

Scary movies tend to feature gigantic spiders and these spooky images get embedded in the subconscious. You could see millions of spiders crawling on you, get attacked by a spider in a dream, or dream of a jumping spider. Overcome your fear because these symbols can be helpful. If the spider bites you in a dream, take heed because you are about to be betrayed.

In some dreams, it is not the spider itself that is in focus. You may want to know what do spider webs mean in your dream or to be trapped in a spider’s web? To dream of spider eggs and baby spiders can be a sign of a developing illness. It is a reminder to take care of yourself. Meanwhile, to dream of spiders hanging over your head in a dream indicates unfinished business. And if you dream of spiders everywhere, it means people are ganging up on you.

Specific spider characteristics can provide meaningful dream interpretations. For example, you may be asking yourself what does it mean to dream of seeing large spiders or to dream of a poisonous spider? In contrast, when a nonpoisonous spider tickles your back, it means your fears are unfounded because a spider tickling you usually means you have an unlikely ally.

Someone being an energy vampireSpider dreams do not have to be scary. Feelings you may have encountered during a dream of seeing a spider can vary from morbid shock to unexpected surprise in some instances. You may just have a harmless dream of a spider standing still or wake up in your dream and the spider is on top of you. You could even keep a spider as a pet in a dream or dream of a spider in your bed.

Arachnophobia may heighten the image of a spider while in REM sleep. If you have spider phobia, you could have a vivid dream and suddenly see the spider darting across the floor, spider climbing a ceiling or wall, or be chased by a spider and it kills you. Seeing a climbing spider, talking spider and two spiders may have multiple implications depending on how you feel about spiders. In general, for a spider to chase you in a dream is an indication of defeat, meanwhile if two spiders attack each other in your dream then a blessing will come with some bad news. On the other hand, to dream of a spider running away from you means you are destined for great things.

A self-assured dreamer could take control of a dream. In some cases, you could kill a spider in a dream. You could even dream of killing multiple spiders in a dream if you feel confident and brave in a vision. This is an auspicious symbol because the imagery of a dead spider in a dream represents your triumph over your enemies. The bigger the spider, the more blessings you will receive. So, killing a giant spider in a dream points to the realization of your deepest desires and aspirations. Killing deadly spiders, such as killing a tarantula or to kill a black widow in a dream, portends vanquishing a powerful and influential enemy against all odds.

New Year resolutions, will they work this time around? Let’s see what your subconscious mind tells you..

NewyearIt’s that time of year again when you look back to assess your life based on accomplishments and areas for improvement. Are you excited to get started with your goals or are you still wallowing in regrets? Either way, it’s nice to have a list of resolutions to help you hit the ground running this coming 2019. If you still haven’t thought about your New Year’s resolutions, you may want to examine your dreams for subconscious signals about what you should set your sights on.

Bad habits

Resolutions always include a promise to quit bad habits. Then again, how do you determine which ones are bad? Some could be clear-cut like smoking, gambling or drugs because there is observable evidence of declining health or dwindling bank accounts. Other bad habits can be seen as minor or even debatable, like mobile phone addiction, a short temper or being a shut-in. One could argue that a short temper can actually deter others from undermining or taking advantage you. But as long as certain behaviors and patterns are hampering your development and self-actualization, you can bet that they’re bad. To be sure, watch out for disturbing dream scenarios and nightmares because they are excellent indicators of impediments to your goals. Once you isolate those dream symbols and figure out their meanings, you can start working on getting rid of those self-defeating habits.GIVING BIRTH, COCKROACHES, LEAVING A HOTEL, SOMEONE TRYING TO KILL YOU

Relationships with others

How would you describe your relationships? Have you been more social this year or have you kept to yourself for the most part? Did you make new friends and ended a few friendships? Figure out how you can maintain meaningful connections while living harmoniously with people you do not necessarily like. As a resolution, you can vow to be more sympathetic without being a pushover. It is all about balance. After all, healthy relationships require a give and take. The other party must also be willing to meet you halfway. Your subconscious may already be giving you hints about real-life social connections you need to work on. Some subconscious symbols to watch out for in your dreams could be: BOAT IN AN OPEN SEA, PETTING A LION, LOSING YOUR SHOES, A CRACKED RING

Body image and exercise

Improvements can be made in both your internal and external aspects. Physically, your body needs to be in tip-top shape for you to function at your optimal level. This is why working out is one of the most popular New Year’s resolution. This comes hand in hand with better diet and a cleaner lifestyle. They want to feel good. For some it is all about being fit and healthy, while others focus more on aesthetics. They want to look good. Ideally, you get both. So, what is your priority? If you are being teased about your weight or bullied at school for your frail frame, maybe it’s time you focus on being fit to boost your self-esteem and become happier in the process. You may want to pay attention to these signals from your subconsciousness: FIERCE FIGHT, BEING AT A GYM, FRIENDS AS DWARFS, MEN AT WORK, BLACK BEARD

Chasing after that dream

Do you want to put up your own business? Thinking of buying your own home? Or maybe you have been eyeing a promotion at work. No matter how lofty or simple your dreams may be, getting there is not a sprint, it is a marathon. So, pace yourself. Break things down to achievable goals. This way, you get to check off little steps and progress you make. Subconscious signals when you sleep can give you valuable insight on blocks to your plans or upcoming challenges. Learn to understand those dream symbols to help you fine-tune your strategies and overcome obstacles. You make want to take note of these common subconscious symbols: SURVIVING DROWNING, BEING AT A PHARMACY, A FLYING DRAGON

It’s all about changes

Waking up 30 minutes earlier or deciding to cut out processed sugar from your daily intake can lead to bigger changes over time. Something as mundane as changing how you dress will change other people’s perception of you, so strive to make small changes for your self-improvement until all those little changes amount to a significant transformation. Another possible change would be to pay attention to your dreams. Dream symbols can help you further understand the inner workings of your subconscious mind. Stuff you tend to overlook while dealing with day-to-day business and routines can seep into your dreams providing you with a more comprehensive view of your life. These subconscious dream symbols may have already told you that before we did: CUTTING A CRAB, PACKING A BAG, A RED DRESS

Helping others

Stock up on good karma by promising to lend a helping hand. This means giving to the less fortunate, such as donating to charity or doing volunteer work. This could also include colleagues and loved ones in need. If you are in a good place with the capacity or resources (not necessarily material) to help, then do not hesitate to share your blessings. You never know, when you find yourself down on your luck, the people you have helped will be more inclined to run to your aid. Do not make this your motivation for kindness though, this is not about quid pro quo. Goodness and generosity will naturally attract positive energies. Look out for these subconscious signals from the dream world, they may be just what you have been missing: STRANGERS SINGING, BLOND HAIR, REPAIRING A BRIDGE

Why money matters and when it should not

Another popular resolution is to make more money. “Financial freedom” is a popular catchphrase these days and for good reason. Who does not want monetary security and affluence? Everyone wants to escape the rat race. That is why anxieties about money can influence dreams, especially if you are always worrying about paying your bills and your mounting debt. To begin your journey towards financial independence, set defined goals like how much you would save every payday or set up an emergency fund if you do not already have one. What is important is that your financial targets should be about improving your life. Do not let money, or the lack of it, consume you. If you have to spend, spend it on the things that matter or the people you love. Here are dream symbols related to money concerns: A CHEAP RESTAURANT, DANCING BEARS, RUSTY AXE, EMPTY WALLET

Time is precious

Because we are on the subject of New Year’s resolutions, it is inevitable that the subject of time would be broached. Another year has passed, reaffirming once more that life is fleeting. Hence, we should make the most of it. You can take this as a motivating factor to fuel your pursuit of your aspirations. This can also be taken as an ominous sign as you ponder your sense of mortality. Often, you can catch glimpses of your state of mind based on the signs from your dreams. Danger could be lurking and you are not aware of it. In that case, practice vigilance! Otherwise, value your time in this world by making positive strides. These subconscious signals are probably already telling you about both of these points we just made: A BRIGHTLY LIT STREET, A DUSKY SKY, GRAINS OF SAND, FLYING IN AN AIRCRAFT

Finally, before you write down new resolutions or renew the old ones, evaluate your past list(s). Which ones worked, and which ones failed? If a resolution has been present on your list every year, then you might want to change tactics. Instead of writing “exercise daily,” try writing your target weight instead. Instead of “Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro” include a target date for it. The more specific you are, the more concrete steps you’ll take. As for your ultimate dream, try to be more creative in 2019. If your plan didn’t pan out this year or the year before, perhaps you need to set your sights on something else. So, as the clock counts down to midnight, remember to always dream big.


Organic and mechanistic aspects of our lives influencing dream formation and perception

cyborg-humanDreams and dreaming are important topics of philosophy since ancient times and can be viewed in the context of external world’s influences. When we are awake, we are fully conscious of the outside world and activities we perform. But when we fall asleep, our subconscious mind shifts its gears and calls upon the inner world for introspection. Dream visions selectively reflect upon the outer world signals and generate positive or negative feelings we experience within dreams. Our mind tries to connect random experiences and images and find possibilities to explain them to us. Each dreaming experience can reveal our hidden desires, suppressed feelings or developing issues. In this article we are taking a closer look at organic and mechanistic influences of the outside world affecting our dream visions.

Organic or biological aspects of dream perception

The organs of our body with their different functions have direct and indirect effects on each other and on our mind and, in turn, on dreams that we experience. Physical events such as an overloaded stomach, a toothache or other types of pain could contribute to the dream narrative as the result of direct communication with the brain. These biological processes can therefore exert a certain degree of influence on dream generation. Many unpleasant dreaming experiences are the result of pain or illnesses, so analyzing the actual problems which affect our body in reality could help in interpreting the dreams we have. For example, it is quite common when sleeping with a full bladder can cause dreams containing water or water flow.

Aside from our organs and bodily functions, nature and environment can also have significant effect on dream construction. Natural events can influence dream narratives and our environment can also integrate natural elements into our dreams. For instance, creatures like birds, dogs, cats and other animals are very common symbols when dreaming. Each of them can convey different meanings about our health and our state of mind. Author Hugh Brody in his book Maps and Dreams (2002), says that hunters tend to have visions of hunting and killing game in a dream and soon after find the “dream trail” and the animal, eventually collecting the kill in waking life.

Another example of dreams being influenced by natural events happened during the genocide of mestizo villagers by the Maoist Shining Path in the 1990s. During this time, villagers would consult dreamers about the best times and opportunities for families to flee their camp and hide out in the forests. A more recent account by anthropologist Arianna Ciconni reports that certain villagers rely on dream visions to help them locate the mass graves of their relatives.

Mechanistic aspects of dream formation

Our body is a system of organs ensuring it is working properly and in good shape. These organs are also influenced by mechanistic contributors, which can control our mind and affect our perceptions. Our way of thinking then determines the visions and contextual aspects of our dreams. The mechanistic influence is formed through our sensory system. The sensory system takes in the external information and influences our mind which can affect our dreams in various ways. For instance, every day we use many things like smartphones, household items and books, among others. These things have tremendous impacts on our consciousness and are translated into mechanistically-influenced dreams.

The mechanistic world can have different effects on our dreams. The realities like running cars, crying babies or the routines of daily household tasks can also affect our dreams in the same way they can affect our mind. For example, we can often dream about driving or riding in a car if it happens on a daily basis. Meanwhile, lucid dreaming is the ability to recognize the fact that you are in a dream. Once you become aware that you are dreaming, you can control what happens like fly, have sex, have sex while flying, anything is a possibility. According to studies, gamers are more likely to have lucid dreams than people who do not play video games. Jayne Gackenbach of Grant MacEwan University believes that games enhance people’s environmental control and spatial awareness, which leads to the ability to control the dream environment much like gameplay.

pregnancy-chiropractic-1170x500Our responsibilities also bleed into our dreams. Almost all pregnant women experience vivid dreams in their sleep. Jill Feddersen, a first time mom to a baby girl in Massachusetts dreamt of going on a trip to Paris. In the dream, she remembered being “totally unprepared and scared” of joining a tour group and saying “I can’t go – I’ve got things to do at home and I’m not packed”, but then she would eventually convince herself to get on the plane and go. The uncertainty and anxiety of flying to a new destination likely mirrored her personal fears about being a new mother.

Organic versus mechanistic perception of dreams

Organically-influenced perception is generally associated with the organs and their current condition and functionality. If the organs are malfunctioning or experiencing problems, this will be reflected in our dreams. On the other hand, with mechanistically-driven perception, the nervous system plays the most important role in creating our dream visions. Dreams generated organically are mainly dreams related to nature, natural events or elements they have affinity with, while mechanistic dreams are based on objects, events and responsibilities we are bombarded with by everyday existence. Organic dreams reveal our connection to nature and ourselves, while mechanistic dreams are the result of routines and responsibilities we subject ourselves to after we wake up.

A famous philosopher said, “Dreams are the touchstones of our characters”. We sleep because this state allows us to rest while our mind consolidates and stores the information we collected during our waking hours. As we sleep, our consciousness actively processes the myriad of information bits in our head by rationalizing links between them. As our brain interprets all those external stimuli during sleep, dreams are created. In essence, all of these organic and mechanistic aspects become part of a “clean-up” or “recycling” process during which our mind removes unnecessary clutter to be ready to take on a new day.

Dreams containing imagery of self-reflection, own likeness and their connection to the dreamer’s personality traits

reflectionWhen awake, we are bombarded by external forces and stimuli which influence how we behave and project ourselves to the world. As we sleep, we carry all this information into the dream world, so that we can process and reflect on the events that happened during the day. During waking hours, our mind is constantly aware of the surroundings and the outer world, but when we dream our subconscious shifts its attention to the inner world for introspection. It is the time for internalizing all the information we absorbed and finding possible connections in seemingly random images. This is why so many people see images of themselves or their reflections in dreams.

Could self-reflections be a projection of existing psychological issues?

When it comes to self-reflection, it can be a case of too much or too little. Why? Seeing a reflection of yourself on a glassy surface or a mirror in a dream can often manifest as a projection of the dreamer’s need for self-examination or as a result of being too self-conscious. The former propels the dreamer into action towards increased self-awareness, while the latter warns against the possibility of spiraling into vanity, narcissism and even crippling self-doubt. Either way, scrutinizing your reflection serves as a critique of your current state. It suggests an imbalance that needs to be corrected for the dreamer to live in harmony with others.

Are fragmented and distorted reflections within dreams valid and analyzable?

Self-reflections and mirror images are oftentimes benign and merely gentle prodding of our subconscious to put us into tip-top shape emotionally and psychologically. It becomes more concerning, however, when the images appear distorted, fragmented or broken. These types of manifestations are usually associated with nightmare scenarios and should be analyzed more seriously to get to the root of the issue. A fragmented reflection, maybe seen in a broken mirror in a dream, could portend illness, accidents and even death. These cases would require a careful evaluation of critical aspects of your existence to help counteract the bad omen conveyed by the vision.

Do common interpretations of seeing your own likeness reveal your personality flaws?

Among the most common self-reflection themes in dreams are an absence of reflection, a blurry image and having someone else instead of your own reflection or image. In these cases, dreams about the absence of reflection could be pointing to a loss of identity. There may be incidents in which you could be coerced to act against your principles or perhaps you would behave according to the will of others in order to be liked or to please them. Meanwhile, a blurry self image depicts a lack of conviction. Some dreamers who experience this dream scenario end up getting passed over for a promotion or not getting hired because of their erratic nature and inconsistent behavior. Finally, when someone else is looking at you from your reflection or image in a dream, it means you are insecure and afraid of being judged. In certain instances, this type of dream depicts an upcoming social gathering or event which would put you into the spotlight or require you to have your best foot forward.

Dreams could reveal our hidden desires, suppressed feelings and developing issues. In rare instances, they can give us a glimpse of what is to come. They can provide solace or add to our trepidation, depending on the dreamer’s state of mind. In the case of visions with self-reflection, identity comes to the fore. To unlock the message of these dreams, a follow-up self-examination is essential. While it is easy to disregard dream symbols and consider them mere distractions from daily existence, there is merit in interpreting their meaning to help identify and anticipate issues that may have been buried in the busyness of day-to-day life. Who knows, understanding how your mind works may unlock insights and aspects of yourself you never even thought existed.

Dreaming Slim: Forced fixations on weight loss and their effects on our subconsciousness

abrbyThe self-obsessed selfie culture propagated by social media has put even greater pressure on people to look their best for fear of being rejected or ridiculed. Among the latest vanity trends and excessive focus on beauty is the dieting and exercise bandwagon. Role models, exacerbated by peer pressure and media scrutiny, further legitimize this trend touting hip terms such as “fitspiration” and “summer bod” which put a premium on unattainable and impractical body image. While proper diet and exercise are good for health and wellness, some people tend to overdo it for the sake of appearances and quick gains. The stress of losing weight and gaining six packs can sometimes be psychologically taxing that these images find their way into our dreams.

The preoccupation with self-image and buying into the stereotypical model ideal of fitness can result in dreams of gaining excessive weight. Weight gain alludes to added burden. The added weight could represent whatever is weighing you down in reality or causing you to feel down and out. Then again, gaining weight in a dream also has positive connotations, especially if you are perfectly happy and confident about yourself. In that case, instead of liabilities and worries, the excessive heaviness may portend financial gain.

The other manifestation of the symbolism of weight in dreams is losing weight. Scenes in dreams which involve shedding weight could bear negative interpretations. If you are feeling inadequate and rejected in reality, losing body weight in the dream world likely refers to a loss of wealth or the respect of your family and friends. Remember that symbols manifesting in a dream vision are heavily rooted in the dreamer’s personal issues and waking-world fixations. Weight loss may be a metaphor of the dreamer’s shortcomings that are in turn causing or feeding into the lingering feelings of ineptitude and rejection.

This obsession with fitness and weight loss can also manifest in different ways while dreaming. In extreme cases, these imagery can regress into nightmares. You may find yourself in situations where you feel weighed down by a heavy object causing difficulty in breathing. Other scenarios may involve endless running, as if being chased by a threatening force. The subconscious can also magnify your insecurities about your weight, so that you could appear distorted in your dream while being heckled by nameless, faceless people because of your true or perceived-to-be appearance.

As we sleep, our mind sorts through the various experiences and information we gather while we are awake. Anything that is bothering us and the salient issues we contend with bleed into the realm of dreams as a way of making sense of all these facts in our head. The more we fixate on something, the more amplified they will be in our dreams. Letting other people’s perceptions of perfection and the ideal image erode our self-confidence and brainwash us into thinking that we are not good enough cannot be healthy for our physical and mental health. Not only does it cause anxiety while we are awake, they can also cause fitful sleep and even nightmares.

Being constantly bombarded by images of perfectly toned physique on our social media feed makes self-acceptance and healthy body perceptions all the more harder to preserve. However, instead of focusing on the facade and the physical aspects of working out and losing weight, a change of perspective is in order. Instead of looking at this fitness revolution as a pressure cooker to eat less and exercise constantly to achieve that summer ready body, think of it in terms of health and wellness. Instead of looking at appearances and external factors to motivate you, think of your well-being and motivate yourself from within. Do not aim for the abs, but for the healthier lifestyle. Gaining a little weight is fine, it is obesity that is unhealthy and that is what you should strive to avoid. At the end of the day, it is your body and it is you above anybody else who can say whether it is functioning perfectly and makes you feel great.

Colors of dream visions: Bridges to metaphysical states and palettes of perception

Bridges to metaphysical statesWithout jumping in stormy waters of attempting to answer questions like “Can visually-impaired people have  colored dreams”, let’s consider the effects of colors on our subconscious states and the most commonly-interpreted meanings of these dreams. Colors in dream interpretation are usually closely associated with parallel symbolic elements of a dream and, generally speaking, it is common that certain colors add to the emotional charge of a dream, thereby detailing and making dream recollections more saturated and prominent, but not necessarily easier to interpret. Rather than trying to focus on particular colors or colors in isolation, it is more interesting and thought-provoking to outline some of the most frequently recalled and discussed color associations, combinations and patterns in dream interpretation.

Black and white dreams. Based on traditional dream interpretation sources, black and white dreams are indications of mundane and uneventful existence the dreamer is immersed in. Having colored dreams has always been explained as the fact that a dreamer who experiences color-saturated dream visions is still developing emotionally, physically and spiritually. A person who has colorful dreams could also be living a very active lifestyle with a multitude and great variety of people he or she is surrounded by in everyday life. Some sources indicate that inability to recall any colors from a dream points to accelerated aging, problems with cognitive perception and even memory deficiencies.

globeWhite and pale colors. Although arguable, the dominance of whiter and paler color combinations in dream visions are often referred to and interpreted as aspects more characteristic of physical body functions, bodily fluids and the like, especially if the colors accompany anatomical details, metabolic processes or similar scenes. Colors of white, if they stand out from the background or grab attention in a particular dream, represent notations and tendencies to create fences and build walls inside the dreamer’s mind protecting and safeguarding the person from the outside world. A ballerina with ambitious, but reclusive attitude; white and snowy Christmas landscape with the feelings of complete isolation from the rest of society for the time being; or a hospital setting when all we can think about is our own body and possible threats to its well-being; are some of the most characteristic examples of these dream visions.

neonNeon and screaming colors. Depending on details and settings experienced within these dreams, these color schemes are indicators of mechanistic pressure, subliminal reflections of overexcitement and urban buzz, projections of existing or growing anxieties and feelings of being out of place. The transformation of human race into urban-dwelling homo sapiens desensitized these visions almost to the point of being perceived as ordinary dreaming experiences compared to say, imagery appearing in a dream after attending a circus or a local fair or traveling by train half a century ago. Interestingly, glowing and pulsating colors, especially when contrasted with dark backgrounds, are often referred to as innate affinity to magic, supernatural and cosmic, whether these attributes are cultivated in the mind of the dreamer in reality, or just a subconscious manifestation of some dormant undiscovered abilities and predispositions.

Irregular and misplaced colors. Sometimes dream visions can contain scenes and images painted with distorted, out of place colors, which could evoke mixed feelings after they occur, a stir in emotional state and the resulting worries, concerns and curiosity to find out why these colors were perceived this way. The answers offered by dream interpreters usually include notions of accentuating subconsciously and focusing dreamer’s attention on a particular person, object or act, assigning a completely different value to something following a shocking discovery or less than pleasing information contradicting previously held personal opinions or beliefs. More often, misplaced colors in a dream are viewed by interpreters as voids in the logical progression of a dream, markers which highlight something left out of the whole picture by the dreamer and, therefore, serve as a more concentrated substrate for interpretation of these dreams.

What is your personal experience with colors in your subconscious state?

Dreaming about rats: Symbolic aspects hidden in commonly-described dream scenarios

Dream interpretation about rats abounds with theories and explanations related to these animals based on their affinity to famine, poverty, unsanitary conditions fed by the fear and disgust expressed by many in regards to these creatures lurking in the dark corners and suddenly crossing our paths.

Rats as dream symbolsBut let us take a closer look at the symbolic representations and some details contained within dream related to the images of rats. Apart from their physical characteristics and features which can evoke deep feelings of repulsion and disgust both inside the dream and afterwards, some commonly-experienced dream visions can reveal interesting, if not unusual associations and imagery, especially in the context of a particular dreams scenario.

An interesting detail often described by dreamers who happened to dream about rats is the environment and surroundings in which the dream took place. Often, it is a place characterized by the presence of water, dreamers refer to “muddy”, “rainy”, “slippery” locations as places where the contact with rats had taken place. The combination of these two symbols, “the rat” and “the water” suggests that dreamer’s mind could be subconsciously reflecting the existing struggle between two contrasting personal positions or attitudes in reality: admittance of guilt, wrongdoing or inappropriateness versus readiness (but quite possibly reluctance) to repent, cleanse or change for the better. By closely examining more predominant details of this dream scenario, one can analyze to what extent this situation can be applied to this kind of interpretation.

Another prominent aspect commonly remembered and described after having dream visions involving rats is their appearance or small physical details pertaining to what they looked like. Often, these are associations and chimera-like images related to the features of a human body: little humanlike hands, human faces or other parts of human anatomy morphed with the image of a rat. Common dreams about rats also include coming into physical contact with these animals, for example stepping on them, being bitten by them and so on.

Scared of ratsFor people who are naturally afraid of rats in wake life, these dreams could be either a confirmation of their phobia and repulsion directed at the animals, or a subconscious attempt to examine or question the nature of such fear. The symbolism of encountering a rat is quite often accompanied by the scenes of dark, untidy and unpleasant surroundings transposed into the dream from reality. Therefore, it’s a good indication of the dreamer’s preoccupation with cleanliness, purity or natural aversion to chaos and disorder. However, it could also be quite possible that the person experiencing dreams about rats spends some portion of his or her wake life in unclean, cluttered and messy environments, e.g. as a warehouse worker, a head of a large household which is difficult to manage, and the like.

It is probably artificial and far-fetched to relate symbolic representations of rats in our dreams to certain personalities and aspects of behavior of human character (a traitor, a person capable of deceit and betrayal), as many dream interpretation sources infer, because the image of a rat in these dreams is heavily dominated by the physical features of the animal and immediate surroundings which evoke, before anything, sensory reactions and responses, both on subconscious (dreams experienced) and conscious (dreams remembered) levels.

When trying to interpret dream visions containing a rat or rats as a central symbol, it would probably be more beneficial to explore tangible physiological reactions to the outside world in order to find a more meaningful interpretation of dreams about rats.