New Year resolutions, will they work this time around? Let’s see what your subconscious mind tells you..

NewyearIt’s that time of year again when you look back to assess your life based on accomplishments and areas for improvement. Are you excited to get started with your goals or are you still wallowing in regrets? Either way, it’s nice to have a list of resolutions to help you hit the ground running this coming 2019. If you still haven’t thought about your New Year’s resolutions, you may want to examine your dreams for subconscious signals about what you should set your sights on.

Bad habits

Resolutions always include a promise to quit bad habits. Then again, how do you determine which ones are bad? Some could be clear-cut like smoking, gambling or drugs because there is observable evidence of declining health or dwindling bank accounts. Other bad habits can be seen as minor or even debatable, like mobile phone addiction, a short temper or being a shut-in. One could argue that a short temper can actually deter others from undermining or taking advantage you. But as long as certain behaviors and patterns are hampering your development and self-actualization, you can bet that they’re bad. To be sure, watch out for disturbing dream scenarios and nightmares because they are excellent indicators of impediments to your goals. Once you isolate those dream symbols and figure out their meanings, you can start working on getting rid of those self-defeating habits.GIVING BIRTH, COCKROACHES, LEAVING A HOTEL, SOMEONE TRYING TO KILL YOU

Relationships with others

How would you describe your relationships? Have you been more social this year or have you kept to yourself for the most part? Did you make new friends and ended a few friendships? Figure out how you can maintain meaningful connections while living harmoniously with people you do not necessarily like. As a resolution, you can vow to be more sympathetic without being a pushover. It is all about balance. After all, healthy relationships require a give and take. The other party must also be willing to meet you halfway. Your subconscious may already be giving you hints about real-life social connections you need to work on. Some subconscious symbols to watch out for in your dreams could be: BOAT IN AN OPEN SEA, PETTING A LION, LOSING YOUR SHOES, A CRACKED RING

Body image and exercise

Improvements can be made in both your internal and external aspects. Physically, your body needs to be in tip-top shape for you to function at your optimal level. This is why working out is one of the most popular New Year’s resolution. This comes hand in hand with better diet and a cleaner lifestyle. They want to feel good. For some it is all about being fit and healthy, while others focus more on aesthetics. They want to look good. Ideally, you get both. So, what is your priority? If you are being teased about your weight or bullied at school for your frail frame, maybe it’s time you focus on being fit to boost your self-esteem and become happier in the process. You may want to pay attention to these signals from your subconsciousness: FIERCE FIGHT, BEING AT A GYM, FRIENDS AS DWARFS, MEN AT WORK, BLACK BEARD

Chasing after that dream

Do you want to put up your own business? Thinking of buying your own home? Or maybe you have been eyeing a promotion at work. No matter how lofty or simple your dreams may be, getting there is not a sprint, it is a marathon. So, pace yourself. Break things down to achievable goals. This way, you get to check off little steps and progress you make. Subconscious signals when you sleep can give you valuable insight on blocks to your plans or upcoming challenges. Learn to understand those dream symbols to help you fine-tune your strategies and overcome obstacles. You make want to take note of these common subconscious symbols: SURVIVING DROWNING, BEING AT A PHARMACY, A FLYING DRAGON

It’s all about changes

Waking up 30 minutes earlier or deciding to cut out processed sugar from your daily intake can lead to bigger changes over time. Something as mundane as changing how you dress will change other people’s perception of you, so strive to make small changes for your self-improvement until all those little changes amount to a significant transformation. Another possible change would be to pay attention to your dreams. Dream symbols can help you further understand the inner workings of your subconscious mind. Stuff you tend to overlook while dealing with day-to-day business and routines can seep into your dreams providing you with a more comprehensive view of your life. These subconscious dream symbols may have already told you that before we did: CUTTING A CRAB, PACKING A BAG, A RED DRESS

Helping others

Stock up on good karma by promising to lend a helping hand. This means giving to the less fortunate, such as donating to charity or doing volunteer work. This could also include colleagues and loved ones in need. If you are in a good place with the capacity or resources (not necessarily material) to help, then do not hesitate to share your blessings. You never know, when you find yourself down on your luck, the people you have helped will be more inclined to run to your aid. Do not make this your motivation for kindness though, this is not about quid pro quo. Goodness and generosity will naturally attract positive energies. Look out for these subconscious signals from the dream world, they may be just what you have been missing: STRANGERS SINGING, BLOND HAIR, REPAIRING A BRIDGE

Why money matters and when it should not

Another popular resolution is to make more money. “Financial freedom” is a popular catchphrase these days and for good reason. Who does not want monetary security and affluence? Everyone wants to escape the rat race. That is why anxieties about money can influence dreams, especially if you are always worrying about paying your bills and your mounting debt. To begin your journey towards financial independence, set defined goals like how much you would save every payday or set up an emergency fund if you do not already have one. What is important is that your financial targets should be about improving your life. Do not let money, or the lack of it, consume you. If you have to spend, spend it on the things that matter or the people you love. Here are dream symbols related to money concerns: A CHEAP RESTAURANT, DANCING BEARS, RUSTY AXE, EMPTY WALLET

Time is precious

Because we are on the subject of New Year’s resolutions, it is inevitable that the subject of time would be broached. Another year has passed, reaffirming once more that life is fleeting. Hence, we should make the most of it. You can take this as a motivating factor to fuel your pursuit of your aspirations. This can also be taken as an ominous sign as you ponder your sense of mortality. Often, you can catch glimpses of your state of mind based on the signs from your dreams. Danger could be lurking and you are not aware of it. In that case, practice vigilance! Otherwise, value your time in this world by making positive strides. These subconscious signals are probably already telling you about both of these points we just made: A BRIGHTLY LIT STREET, A DUSKY SKY, GRAINS OF SAND, FLYING IN AN AIRCRAFT

Finally, before you write down new resolutions or renew the old ones, evaluate your past list(s). Which ones worked, and which ones failed? If a resolution has been present on your list every year, then you might want to change tactics. Instead of writing “exercise daily,” try writing your target weight instead. Instead of “Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro” include a target date for it. The more specific you are, the more concrete steps you’ll take. As for your ultimate dream, try to be more creative in 2019. If your plan didn’t pan out this year or the year before, perhaps you need to set your sights on something else. So, as the clock counts down to midnight, remember to always dream big.


Dreams containing imagery of self-reflection, own likeness and their connection to the dreamer’s personality traits

reflectionWhen awake, we are bombarded by external forces and stimuli which influence how we behave and project ourselves to the world. As we sleep, we carry all this information into the dream world, so that we can process and reflect on the events that happened during the day. During waking hours, our mind is constantly aware of the surroundings and the outer world, but when we dream our subconscious shifts its attention to the inner world for introspection. It is the time for internalizing all the information we absorbed and finding possible connections in seemingly random images. This is why so many people see images of themselves or their reflections in dreams.

Could self-reflections be a projection of existing psychological issues?

When it comes to self-reflection, it can be a case of too much or too little. Why? Seeing a reflection of yourself on a glassy surface or a mirror in a dream can often manifest as a projection of the dreamer’s need for self-examination or as a result of being too self-conscious. The former propels the dreamer into action towards increased self-awareness, while the latter warns against the possibility of spiraling into vanity, narcissism and even crippling self-doubt. Either way, scrutinizing your reflection serves as a critique of your current state. It suggests an imbalance that needs to be corrected for the dreamer to live in harmony with others.

Are fragmented and distorted reflections within dreams valid and analyzable?

Self-reflections and mirror images are oftentimes benign and merely gentle prodding of our subconscious to put us into tip-top shape emotionally and psychologically. It becomes more concerning, however, when the images appear distorted, fragmented or broken. These types of manifestations are usually associated with nightmare scenarios and should be analyzed more seriously to get to the root of the issue. A fragmented reflection, maybe seen in a broken mirror in a dream, could portend illness, accidents and even death. These cases would require a careful evaluation of critical aspects of your existence to help counteract the bad omen conveyed by the vision.

Do common interpretations of seeing your own likeness reveal your personality flaws?

Among the most common self-reflection themes in dreams are an absence of reflection, a blurry image and having someone else instead of your own reflection or image. In these cases, dreams about the absence of reflection could be pointing to a loss of identity. There may be incidents in which you could be coerced to act against your principles or perhaps you would behave according to the will of others in order to be liked or to please them. Meanwhile, a blurry self image depicts a lack of conviction. Some dreamers who experience this dream scenario end up getting passed over for a promotion or not getting hired because of their erratic nature and inconsistent behavior. Finally, when someone else is looking at you from your reflection or image in a dream, it means you are insecure and afraid of being judged. In certain instances, this type of dream depicts an upcoming social gathering or event which would put you into the spotlight or require you to have your best foot forward.

Dreams could reveal our hidden desires, suppressed feelings and developing issues. In rare instances, they can give us a glimpse of what is to come. They can provide solace or add to our trepidation, depending on the dreamer’s state of mind. In the case of visions with self-reflection, identity comes to the fore. To unlock the message of these dreams, a follow-up self-examination is essential. While it is easy to disregard dream symbols and consider them mere distractions from daily existence, there is merit in interpreting their meaning to help identify and anticipate issues that may have been buried in the busyness of day-to-day life. Who knows, understanding how your mind works may unlock insights and aspects of yourself you never even thought existed.

Dreaming Slim: Forced fixations on weight loss and their effects on our subconsciousness

abrbyThe self-obsessed selfie culture propagated by social media has put even greater pressure on people to look their best for fear of being rejected or ridiculed. Among the latest vanity trends and excessive focus on beauty is the dieting and exercise bandwagon. Role models, exacerbated by peer pressure and media scrutiny, further legitimize this trend touting hip terms such as “fitspiration” and “summer bod” which put a premium on unattainable and impractical body image. While proper diet and exercise are good for health and wellness, some people tend to overdo it for the sake of appearances and quick gains. The stress of losing weight and gaining six packs can sometimes be psychologically taxing that these images find their way into our dreams.

The preoccupation with self-image and buying into the stereotypical model ideal of fitness can result in dreams of gaining excessive weight. Weight gain alludes to added burden. The added weight could represent whatever is weighing you down in reality or causing you to feel down and out. Then again, gaining weight in a dream also has positive connotations, especially if you are perfectly happy and confident about yourself. In that case, instead of liabilities and worries, the excessive heaviness may portend financial gain.

The other manifestation of the symbolism of weight in dreams is losing weight. Scenes in dreams which involve shedding weight could bear negative interpretations. If you are feeling inadequate and rejected in reality, losing body weight in the dream world likely refers to a loss of wealth or the respect of your family and friends. Remember that symbols manifesting in a dream vision are heavily rooted in the dreamer’s personal issues and waking-world fixations. Weight loss may be a metaphor of the dreamer’s shortcomings that are in turn causing or feeding into the lingering feelings of ineptitude and rejection.

This obsession with fitness and weight loss can also manifest in different ways while dreaming. In extreme cases, these imagery can regress into nightmares. You may find yourself in situations where you feel weighed down by a heavy object causing difficulty in breathing. Other scenarios may involve endless running, as if being chased by a threatening force. The subconscious can also magnify your insecurities about your weight, so that you could appear distorted in your dream while being heckled by nameless, faceless people because of your true or perceived-to-be appearance.

As we sleep, our mind sorts through the various experiences and information we gather while we are awake. Anything that is bothering us and the salient issues we contend with bleed into the realm of dreams as a way of making sense of all these facts in our head. The more we fixate on something, the more amplified they will be in our dreams. Letting other people’s perceptions of perfection and the ideal image erode our self-confidence and brainwash us into thinking that we are not good enough cannot be healthy for our physical and mental health. Not only does it cause anxiety while we are awake, they can also cause fitful sleep and even nightmares.

Being constantly bombarded by images of perfectly toned physique on our social media feed makes self-acceptance and healthy body perceptions all the more harder to preserve. However, instead of focusing on the facade and the physical aspects of working out and losing weight, a change of perspective is in order. Instead of looking at this fitness revolution as a pressure cooker to eat less and exercise constantly to achieve that summer ready body, think of it in terms of health and wellness. Instead of looking at appearances and external factors to motivate you, think of your well-being and motivate yourself from within. Do not aim for the abs, but for the healthier lifestyle. Gaining a little weight is fine, it is obesity that is unhealthy and that is what you should strive to avoid. At the end of the day, it is your body and it is you above anybody else who can say whether it is functioning perfectly and makes you feel great.

Taking Flight: Birds in Dreams and Most Common Meanings and Interpretations Related to These Symbolic Visions

Birds have always been interesting subjects in dream interpretation. They appear in many forms and assume different characters and roles, and we are anxious to know whether their presence in our subconscious state represents positive outcomes or portends misfortunes. Images of specific birds carry symbolic meanings which inspire either awe or dread. Take, eagles for instance. They are looked upon as creatures of grandeur and beauty. Their ability to soar high up in the skies  is legendary and has lent meaning to the expression “to soar like an eagle,” which is a centuries-old metaphor for self-confidence, pride and hope. Moreover, to dream of eagles is a sign of far-reaching ambition and strength of character.

Hawks and owls are steady gazers. Dreaming about these birds is an indication of deep awareness. Owing to their seemingly all-knowing, mind-penetrating gaze, these birds have become symbols of vigilance and have given birth to the term “hawk’s eye.”  In other dream encyclopedias, these birds of prey appearing in dreams could contain a warning to be mindful and cautions of the dangers which lurk nearby.

Bird on a treeCrows, for their part, have a notorious reputation for and are widely considered as bearers of trouble. Their presence in dreams is frequently a foreboding. Their color, menacing appearance and the fact that they are scavengers conjure up morbid images of suffering, disease and death. However, many sources of mythology and dream interpretation around the world also view crows as symbols of wisdom. As for ravens, the  meaning of a dream about these birds is ominous of betrayal and abandonment. It also suggests a string of misfortunes and the imminent danger of being subjected to other people’s abuse due to powerlessness and being helpless. In addition, a dream involving a raven perched on a tree branch could mean a symbolic death, which may indicate an end to a bad habit or a particular period in your life.

Speaking of birds in general, it is interesting to note that in many cultures, a lot of superstitions and supernatural beliefs are built around these beaked, two-legged, feathered creatures.  For example, to dream that you are being pecked by a bird is a stern forewarning which could put you at great risk if unheeded. It is a clear sign that a person or a group of people may have villainous intentions against you. Therefore, this dream could be telling you not to be too trusting, or too open to others. Birds’ actions and behavior in our dreams directly affect our subsequent reactions and responses after waking up based on meaning and significance we previously learned from real-life or works of fiction. For example, many people report waking up shaking uncontrollably and drenched in their own cold sweat from a dream about being attacked by birds, as if in a déjà vu. Still reeling from such an ominous vision, they may have immediately recalled, with a fair amount of terror, having witnessed the exact same scene in a famous Hitchcock film.

Bird AttackWhen birds attack you in dreams, this vision could represent your fear of other people’s ideas and opinions. It also signifies that you are afraid to subscribe to, or at least have an open mind towards, other ideals, beliefs and ideologies. Moreover, this dream vision can represent an inner spiritual battle, as you may be assailed by a barrage of spiritual truths that could muddle your judgment and leave you more confused about what you truly believe in. In a quite literal sense, being attacked by birds could mean experiencing verbal abuse from others in real life.

In some cases, people picture themselves as birds in their dreams. It is usually good news. If you dream that you are a bird, or have birdlike features or qualities, you could be flying high with success, either in your personal life, your career or business. This vision can also be a symbol of your freedom, and the sky represents endless possibilities for you to explore. Otherwise, it can be a sign of your firm resolve to break free from the shackles that bind you. The bondage may refer to your emotional baggage or monetary debt. Much has been said about birds’ intelligence and unique abilities. They can weave complex nests and fly long distances. They can flit for hours and make incredible sounds. Some can even talk, or at least mimic human speech, which earns them a special category in the annals of avian taxonomy.
Human Face BirdsIf you happen to dream that you are having a conversation with a talking bird, both positive and negative interpretations can be gleaned from this experience. First, it could mean being on the verge of success with your current project or undertaking. On the other hand, it indicates a problem in communication, a language barrier, a point or idea “lost in translation.” This is particularly true when the bird in the dream is either indifferent or unresponsive. There are dreams in which characters appear with strange features combining human bodies and bird heads. What could dreams about these strange birds mean? Most likely, these chimeric images could be a portrait of a person’s ingenuity and inventive side. These symbolic visions could represent a phase in a dreamer’s life which may hint at an inevitable change or usher his or her complete transformation.

We can assign the meanings and symbols of birds according to their innate characteristics. We may look at doves as birds of peace, mynas as glib talkers, peacocks as beauty queens, nightingales as singing divas, sociable weavers as engineers, eagles as kings of the sky, the list could go on. No matter how we interpret birds in our dreams, they can either lift us up and turn our life’s aspirations to reality, or peck us back from our sticky sleep and claw us out of our flights of fancy.